Subliminal Feudalism

 Some of us are lost in the cracks of paying the "Price of Passage", which is the vast space between the filthy rich and dirt poor.

And what better way to eliminate those in that gap by ridding them quickly.

Unfortunately for the system, some of us don't die that easily and are witted enough to survive.

But to thrive in a volatile environment such as this, there has to be a way to adapt and recognize opportunities - which can bring us past surviving and to the other side where we can thrive.

It takes a community of like minded individuals to enter such a task and without that, we're just dead in the water.

We already know of the huge gap where the middle class used to be and that it has been replaced by a turbulent stormy ocean.

And the only way through it, is by working together.. so hop in the boat and grab an oar motherfuckers!



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