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Channel One

This song is written by Eric and the drums Ðean wrote differently and adapted his own style into it as opposed to the original version. Eric does all the mixing and mastering for the bands songs and as you can tell from this recording - that he's pretty damn good at it. This song is about getting back to the real YOU and realizing that any type of influence can make an impact on our being whether we like it or not.

Just Don't Last

This is the second song we actually wrote together from a jam we did in Feb.. I think. Oh yeah, I remember now.. I was jamming on the drums with headphones listening to The Ramones (I Wanna Be Sedated). Then Eric started jamming this guitar pattern over it, after I removed the headphones - he was like check it out and this song was born. So this is the second song we wrote and I had fun laying down the drum tracks on this one too. At first the intro and verse just had the rhythm guitar going, but when Eric laid the riffs over that part later on - I think that's when it really started to open up. Ðean

Fresh Ears

 We've been recording and mixing our first song "Channel One" written by Eric Esch. And I didn't like how I laid down the first couple of tracks after I heard it the other day. But it was only after I listened to it after having fresh ears, because by not hearing the song for a couple of days I finally realized what I knew all along. And it was during the recording session where I did a roll which was actually a mistake and thought that I could get away with it in post. But when I heard Eric playing back that part over and over, it was apparent that I had to re-record the entire drum track. I found an advertorial on mastering and how fresh ears really help, you can check it out by clicking here . Hopefully this helps your mastering endeavors, because I know its helping ours.. Later.. Ðean

Subliminal Feudalism

 Some of us are lost in the cracks of paying the "Price of Passage", which is the vast space between the filthy rich and dirt poor. And what better way to eliminate those in that gap by ridding them quickly. Unfortunately for the system, some of us don't die that easily and are witted enough to survive. But to thrive in a volatile environment such as this, there has to be a way to adapt and recognize opportunities - which can bring us past surviving and to the other side where we can thrive. It takes a community of like minded individuals to enter such a task and without that, we're just dead in the water. We already know of the huge gap where the middle class used to be and that it has been replaced by a turbulent stormy ocean. And the only way through it, is by working together.. so hop in the boat and grab an oar motherfuckers!   Ðean